Academic Support

St. John Paul II Catholic School enjoys the richness of a diverse group of learners. We dedicate ourselves to providing appropriate supplemental resources because we believe every child is unique and learning is dynamic and different for each child.

Student Support Team

The resource teacher and the team of teachers within each cluster (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) collaborate on the best practices for working with students so that they can each find success on their academic journey. We review and consider accommodations your child previously received on their academic journey during the application process. We determine if we can meet the spirit of expectation for your child's success. Eligible students can obtain individual or small group assistance in academic subject areas, organizational skills, and other areas.

Our resource teacher serves as a means of evaluation, adaptation, and support in an effort to make learning a successful experience for every child. If an existing student begins to experience academic difficulty, the appropriate team of teachers and the parent(s) and/or guardians meet to identify the student’s difficulties and establish a plan to improve learning outcomes. We may consider the following options for students who present with learning difficulties:

  • accommodations within the classroom and/or for testing
  • referral for psychoeducational testing
  • tutoring with our reading buddies program
  • small group pull-out from the classroom

Teachers individually differentiate within the classroom for students who accelerate in their learning. SJPII considers it a best practice and encourages parents to communicate their hopes and dreams for their child to the teachers. We encourage parents to stay involved in the learning process.

The Student Support Team (SST) within each cluster follows the process set by the school. Please contact your homeroom teacher if you would like to discuss your child's academic or social/behavioral concerns. We would like to remind parents that you are the first teachers and the best advocate for your children.