Our Community

If it’s southern hospitality you’re looking for, the “historically charming” town of Southern Pines has got it in abundance. Whether you’re new to the area, considering relocating here, or just passing through, we invite you to explore our beautiful community.

For the Kids

Got kids? Keep them busy and active; we have so much to do! Canoe, cycle, golf, horseback riding, arts and crafts, hiking, and so much more.

For the Equestrian Lover

Southern Pines boasts a thriving equestrian community offering over 4,000 acres of riding trails, the Walthour-Moss Foundation (a foundation dedicated to the preservation of open land and providing a place for equestrian purposes) as well as hundreds of horse farms.

For the Golf Enthusiasts

This is North Carolina's Home of American Golf. We have courses to suit everyone from the professional to the casual player. Moore County boasts over 720 holes (with more on the drawing board). We have over 165 miles—or 2,800 football fields—of fairways for golfers to enjoy.

For the Foodie

Tickle your taste buds and experience some of the best the south has to offer at some of our amazing local eateries:

For the History Buff

Learn about our rich American heritage forged by spirited souls such as sharpshooter Annie Oakley. Once a haven for the literary elite, the Weymouth Center has served as a center for culture and fine entertainment for over a century. Or stop by the Shaw House and see what life was like for the early settlers of the area.

For the Shopper

Plan a day out to enjoy a unique shopping experience in downtown Southern Pines. Historic buildings house a variety of boutique shops with everything from luxury yarns to charming bookstores and fine café and eating establishments. If you get a little tired from all the walking, have all your worries massaged away at one of our luxury spas.