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Parent Teacher Organization

The Diocesan Administrative Handbook describes the objective of the PTO (Home and School Association) this way: “The objective of this Association shall be to coordinate the spiritual and educational interactions of the home and school, in a program of Catholic child learning. It offers, through well-planned programs, information of particular interest to parents and faculty. And works toward the creation of an appreciation of Catholic education.” This is a noble and high aim brought about by very practical needs and activities. The PTO offers enrichment to the Program of Studies and supports the school in a variety of ways. Coordinating these activities requires a high degree of cooperation and initiative. By virtue of the fact that parents have children in the school, all parents and guardians are members of the PTO. Thank you to all who have prayerfully considered taking on a leadership role in the organization. The school would not be able to function as well as it does without this vital organization. St. John Paul II Catholic School is truly blessed to have parents who are so invested in their child(ren’s) school. Thank you, parents, for all your support throughout the school year.

Campus Safety Measures

As a result of increased traffic and higher visibility because of the building taking place across the street, the school improvement team and the school leadership team have been reviewing campus safety measures. Two items that we are addressing are the locks on the concession stand restroom doors and walkie-talkies on the playground. We have changed the locks so that the doors in the concession stand always stay locked and lock automatically after closing. This protocol is consistent with the other campus buildings during school hours. Students accessing the outside facility will do so under direct line-of-sight supervision and in pairs. We purchased additional walkie-talkies for playground supervisors, and we are developing a protocol for their use. This will enhance staff communication capabilities. A third measure that we are researching is the possibility of installing security cameras on campus. As always, parental input regarding security measures and protocols is welcome. Your children’s safety is our number one priority.